Your personal care bed - The senior frame with lift function

With the innovative senior frame with motorized lift function, you get a modern care or senior bed that visually resembles a traditional bed.

Comfort and Safety: Discover the Senior Frame with Lift Function

The innovative lift function of the senior frame revolutionizes sleep comfort for seniors and those in need of care by allowing for continuous and individual adjustment of the head and foot sections as well as the height of the spring frame. This customized adjustability not only promotes an ergonomic sleeping position but also provides valuable support for caregivers by reducing physical strain when caring for those in need of care, ensuring a safe and comfortable care routine.

Expertise in Beech Wood

Restful nights on 28 sturdy beech wood slats sourced from sustainable cultivation. Beech wood is renowned for its durable elasticity without sacrificing stability.

Comfort in every position

Thanks to the 7-zone division, the senior frame adapts ergonomically to the body. Ideal for side sleepers as the shoulder and pelvic zones provide optimal support to the spine.

Pure aesthetics

Enjoy not only the unparalleled comfort but also the aesthetic elegance of the Seniorenrahmen, whose slats are covered with an visually appealing, high-quality foil in the modern shade of Carbon Techno Dark Gray.

Seamless customization

Experience personalized comfort with our 6 slats with double slat guides in the middle area, allowing you seamless and user-friendly firmness adjustment.

Optional up to 130 kg or 180 kg load capacity

Equipped with two powerful low-voltage motors, the senior frame allows for motorized adjustment of the head and foot sections as well as a lift function. These functions can be controlled independently using a wired remote control, providing individual and convenient customization.

sustainable beech wood (PEFC and FSC certified)
high-quality Carbon Techno dark gray appearance
7 support zones provided by highly flexible, durable TPEE/Hytrel slat holders
suitable for many conventional frames with a minimum of 27 cm or 29 cm clearance

Versions of the Senior Frame

Senior Frame Loadable up to 130 kg

The senior frame with a load capacity of up to 130 kg offers a comfortable and flexible sleeping surface, ideal for individuals weighing up to 130 kg. The high-quality plastic slat end caps ensure a long lifespan and maintain their flexibility and springiness throughout the entire period of use.

Senior Frame Loadable up to 180 kg

The 180 kg version of the senior frame is ideal for those who require a firmer and more stable sleeping surface. With extra sturdy plastic bearing bolts and very firm SBS caps, this frame offers extremely high compression hardness, ensuring a safe and comfortable sleep.

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