ELA 2 - The Revolution of Ergonomic Sleep!

Discover the future of sleep - customizable comfort for restful nights and energetic days.

ELA 2 - The key to healthy sleep.

The ELA 2 provides optimal support for the ergonomics and sleeping behavior of the human body. Regional production of the underframe and the raw materials used with a focus on sustainability (certified sustainable raw materials, regionally manufactured with short supply chains) and adherence to social standards according to Western standards (minimum wage, working hours, occupational safety).

Expertise in Beech

Restful nights on 30 robust beech wood slats from sustainably managed cultivation. Beech wood is known for its durable elasticity without losing stability.

Master of Adaptation

Thanks to the 5 adjustable notches that allow precise adjustment in height and depth, you can create a sleeping environment that is perfectly tailored to your body and sleeping zones.

Premium Shoulder Comfort

The shoulder comfort zone, which is mounted on flexible spring elements, can move in all directions. This innovative feature ensures optimal adaptation to your shoulder zone, allowing you to wake up refreshed every morning.

Continuous Customization

Experience individual comfort with our 8 slats with double slat guidance in the middle area, allowing for seamless and user-friendly firmness adjustment.

Experience relaxation with the ELA 2.

This versatile sleep system can be integrated as an insert frame or used as a standalone solution with six sturdy furniture feet.

sustainable beech wood (PEFC and FSC certified)
extra-long shoulder comfort zone - supports all sleeping positions
memory lying memory and app control in the premium version of the ELA 2

Versions of the ELA 2

NV - Not adjustable

For those who appreciate simplicity, the ELA 2 offers a non-adjustable version that still provides the highest comfort and support. This variant represents simplicity and reliability, ideal for anyone seeking a stable and durable sleep foundation.

KF - Head and foot adjustment

The ELA 2 with manual head and foot adjustment offers you the flexibility to customize your sleeping position according to your preferences. This user-friendly option allows you to find the comfort and support you need for a restful night's sleep.

Flat-MOT on bowden cable basis with remote control

Experience the seamless integration of technology and comfort with the ELA 2, which allows for motorized adjustment of the upper and lower body, controllable through a wireless or cable remote control. Easily customize your sleeping position and enjoy restful nights with individually adjustable comfort.

Flat-MOT with Remote Control, App, and Memory Liege Storage

Immerse yourself in the world of modern comfort with the ELA 2, which offers motorized upper and lower body adjustment on a Bowden cable basis, controlled by a user-friendly remote control and an innovative app. Save your favorite sleeping positions in the memory bed storage and enjoy personalized comfort at the touch of a button.

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