BELARO ecl 1900 DUO

Our top mattress, BELARO ecl 1900 DUO, is the epitome of sleep comfort.

Sleep like never before with the BELARO ecl 1900 DUO

Enjoy a fresh and hygienic sleep every night with the BELARO ecl 1900 DUO. The cover woven with silver minimizes the formation of bacteria and mites, allowing you to sleep in a clean and healthy environment. Experience the difference a clean sleeping space can make.


The EUCAFEEL® layers, known for their varying firmness levels, allow you to finely tune the mattress according to your preferences.

Silver Weaving

The mattress cover woven with silver minimizes the formation of bacteria and mites, ensuring a hygienic sleep environment.

Customizable Firmness Levels

With different firmness levels on both sides, you can find your individual comfort by simply flipping the mattress. This way, you determine the firmness of your mattress.

Sturdy Seat Edges

The sturdy seat edges of the Belaro ecl 1900 DUO not only provide long-lasting shape stability but also make getting in and out of bed easier.

Healthy Sleep with Optimal Support

Sleep healthy and refreshed with the BELARO ecl 1900 DUO. The specially designed areas in the core of the mattress provide optimal support for your shoulder and lumbar region, ensuring that your spine is perfectly aligned in every sleeping position. Start each day with renewed energy and without back pain.

Integrated climate band - ensures optimal moisture regulation
Optimal spinal support - thanks to special areas in the core of the mattress
Plump border cover - provides a completely new sleeping experience

The BELARO ecl 1900 DUO mattress

BELARO ecl 1900 DUO - Revolutionize your sleep

Discover the BELARO ecl 1900 DUO, the mattress that adapts to you, not the other way around. With its extra adaptable shoulder and pelvic zones, dual firmness settings, specially designed EUCAFEEL® layers on top and bottom in different firmness levels, and a supportive, high-density cold foam core, it offers you the ability to customize your sleep comfort. Experience every night what it feels like to sleep on a mattress that's truly tailored to you.

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