BELARO Flexofold

The innovative foldable 7-zone cold foam mattress with ergonomic design.

Senior-friendly and versatile: The Flexofold mattress in focus.

The BELARO Flexofold mattress offers luxurious comfort with its 7-zone cold foam and ergonomic drop cut. Discover the versatility of this mattress, also available in a core height of 18 cm.

Innovative folding technique

The mattress is distinguished by its patented folding technique, allowing for comfortable and easy covering with a fitted sheet, even for individuals.

Senior-friendly design.

The double-sided firm sitting edge of the Flexofold mattress makes it easier for seniors to get up and provides additional comfort when sitting.


With the option to transport the mattress in a folded state and an optional travel bag, the mattress provides maximum convenience for on-the-go.

Hygienic and easy to care for.

The washable cover makes maintenance a breeze. Enjoy not only restful sleep but also the freshness of a consistently clean mattress cover.

Foldable innovation for your sleeping pleasure.

The BELARO Flexofold mattress has been specifically designed for seniors to provide optimal sleep comfort. With its ergonomic drop-cut shape, double-sided firm sitting edge, and convenient turning handles, it not only makes getting up easier but also ensures individual support with varying firmness levels from 2 to 5.

Integrated climate band - ensures optimal moisture regulation.
With convenient turning handles for effortless rotation.
The individual components of the mattress can be easily replaced.

Execution of the BELARO Flexofold.

BELARO Flexofold - Getting up has never been so easy.

The BELARO Flexofold mattress offers a comprehensive selection to meet individual needs. Available in all standard sizes, 4 different firmness levels, and optionally with a 16 cm or 18 cm high core, this mattress allows for a tailored adaptation to personal preferences and sleeping habits.

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